Hanno Karlhuber


Born in 1946 in Dresden, Germany, lives and works in Vienna / Austria and in Sam Roi Yod/Thailand


Artistic Career

1968-72 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Master class Prof. Rudolf Hausner, Diploma of Painting

1980-82 studied Japanese painting at the Tokyo Geidai,

Beginning work with video

1996 Atelier Opening Diesterweggasse 6, 1140 Vienna

2000-2005 Artistic Director of the Gallery Akum, Vienna, Program focus: Magical Realism, Fantastic Realism,

Visionary Art

2009-2016 Curator of exhibitions at Baroquecastle Riegersburg / NÖ



1972 Participation in the Exhibition “Confrontations”Treasury Vienna

Master class Prof. Rudolf Hausner)

1973 Solo Exhibition in the Gallery Blutgasse,Vienna

1974 Three-Man- Exhibition in Vienna Postal Savings

1982 Solo Exhibition Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo / Japan

1983 Three-Man-Exhibition Kinokuniya Gallery,Tokyo / Japan

1986 Solo Exhibition at the Museumpavillion Cultural Office of the City Salzburg

1989 Solo Exhibition Gallery CdB -Cultural Centre Ursulinenhof, Linz

1991 Solo Exhibition at Gallery at Stubentor, Vienna

1994 "Realism Today," Fürth City Center Fürth/ BRD

-          Participation in the Exhibition "FantasticVisionary Art "Zitelle/Venice/Italy

-          Solo Exhibition Azabu Museum, Tokyo / Japan

1998 Participation in the Exhibition ADAC -Art- Collection "Traces" Tobacco Museum in Vienna

1999 Solo Exhibition Gallery at Stubentor, Vienna

2000 Solo Exhibition "Pictures from Portugal" Centro Culturale Lagos, Lagos/Portugal

2001-03 Exhibitions at Gallery Akum/Vienna,

2003 Participation in the “Biennale Florence”, Florenz/Italy

2004 Exhibition "Commemorative Exhibition Participation Edgar and Michael Ende", Garmisch- Partenkirchen/BRD

-          Participation in the Exhibition "Labyrinthe" in the Castle Honhardt- Franken / BRD

-          Participation in the Exhibition "From Surrealism to Modern" Baroquecastle Riegersburg/NÖ

2005 Participation in the Exhibition "Fantastic Worlds" Spandau Citadel, Berlin

-          Solo Exhibition "Traces of Human" Carmelite Church, Wiener Neustadt

-           Participation in the Exhibition "Artists see the National Park Hohe Tauern",

Kulturhaus Mallnitz and Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien

2006 Solo Exhibition "Magical Realism", Egon Schiele Museum Tulln,/NÖ

2008 Participation in an Exhibition Baroquecastle Riegersburg /NÖ

2009 Two- Man- Exhibition at Gauermannmuseum/NÖ

-          Co-curator of the exhibition "Art in the Time of Cold War" Baroquecastle Riegersburg/NÖ

-          Three- Man- Exhibition "Magic Realism" Gallery Toeplitz, Berlin/BRD

2010 Curator of the exhibition "Power of Imagination", Baroquecastle Riegersburg / NÖ

-         Participation in the Exhibition " Fantastic Art of Vienna 1900-2010" Panorama Museum,

           Bad Frankenhausen /BRD

2011 Foundation of the “Phantastenmuseum” Palais Palffy in Vienn

-        Co-curator of the exhibition "L'Ange exquis"Baroquecastle Riegersburg /NÖ

-        Participation in the Exhibition "Art- Imaginär2011" Herrenhof, Neustadt/Rheinlandpfalz ,BRD

2012 Curator of the Exhibition "Imago-Phantastic Art"Baroquecastle Riegersburg / NÖ

-         Participation in the Exhibition "Austronauten" Rathaus Viechtach, Viechtach, ( Bavarian Forest)BRD

-         Solo Exhibition in Palais Palffy - Phantastenmuseum/Wien

2013 Curator Exhibition "Dollar, Schätze und Kunst"Baroquecastle Riegersburg /NÖ

          Participation in an Exhibition "Art-Imaginär 2013"im Herrenhof Neustadt/Rheinlandpfalz, BRD

2014 Curator Exhibition"Zauber der Landschaft"auf Baroquecastle Riegersburg NÖ

          Participation in an Exhibition "Art-Imaginär 2015"im Herrenhof Neustadt/Rheinlandpfalz, BRD

2015 Curator Exhibition "Einfach Phantastisch"  Baroquecastle Riegersburg NÖ

2016 Kurator der Ausstellung "Blickpunkt Abstrakt"Baroquecastle Riegersburg NÖ

          Exhibition "Double Mix" Trierenberg Art/Traun

          Exhibition "Magischer Realismus " in Ansbach/BRD

          Exhibition Kulturhaus Infeld

2017  Exhibition "Real-Surreal" Villa Herberich, Bad Säckingen/BRD

2018  Participation in an Exhibition "Art-Imaginär 2018"im Herrenhof Neustadt/Rheinlandpfalz, BRD

          Exhibition Gallery Infeld, Dobinj/Croatia

2019  Exhibition Gallery Paolo Melchionna, Rom/Italy